Smart Monitoring & Adapting Recording Technology for BURNing

SMART-BURN is the abbreviation of " Smart Monitoring & Adapting Recording Technology for BURNing ", innovated CD-RW technology by LITE-ON IT, will be introduced to other products in the future.

Users always want to successfully burn a disc with a higher speed in CD-RW drive. You may know, there are so many brands of CD-R / CD-RW media in the market with irregular quality & still being cost down in the price war.

LITE-ON IT try hard to collect various kinds of media to come out the dedicated optimized writing strategy parameters plus the outstanding running Optimum Power Calibration ( OPC ) function to provide you the best burning quality.

If your CD-R / CD-RW media quality is really poor enough or working environment is too hot to induce the Laser Power over margin, the CD-RW drive detected, the burning speed will be forced to decrease to get more reliable Laser working power to secure the life of CD-RW drive & burning quality.

The buffer under run error is also no longer happened to your drive anymore, SMART-BURN also can allow drive to be suspended during writing, than continue to burn from last point when enough data get in the buffer.

SMART-BURN features :

  1. Buffer Under Run Error Free
  2. Running Optimum Power Calibration
  3. Automatic Writing Strategy & Burning Parameters
  4. Automatically decrease burning speed when Laser power over margin due to poor media quality or high temperature

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