CD-RW drive



8X/4X/32X CD-RW DRIVE    LTR-0841




8X Record, 4X Re-Write & 32X Read with CLV Write & CAV Read
E-IDE Interface, Support all PIO, SW-DMA, MW-DMA modes
Supporting High Speed Digital Audio Extration (DAE)
Supporting High Speed VCD Data Extration
Supporting Plug & Play ; Emergency Manual Eject
Supporting Fixed Packet, Variable Packet, TAO, SAO, DAO, Raw Mode.
New Automatic Write Strategy & Running OPC to Ensure Data Integrity
Access all Format CD, CD-R, CD-RW Disc, Conforms to Orange Book Part 2,3
Easy-Tray®  Design for Both Horizontally & Vertically Use
Gear-Driven Tray Loading Mechaniasm to Improve Reliability
VASR Vibration Absorber System Mechanisam to Reduce Vibration & Noise



Speed :
   Recording 8X (1200KB/sec) CLV
   Re-writing 4X (600KB/sec) CLV
   Reading 32X (4800KB/sec) CAV (14X~32X)

Interface : ATAPI-E/IDE, MMC2 Command set

Burst Transfer Rate : Support up to MW-DMA 2 16.6MB/sec

Access Time : 120ms (typical)

Buffer Memory Size: 2M Byte

System Requirement : CPU Pentium 166MHz above , Memory 32MB Required ; 64MB Recommanded

Support Disc Format :    All CD-ROM formats both 8cm & 12cm discs

Support Operating System : DOS 6.xx, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME, OS2 Warp

MTBF : 70'000 Power On Hours with 25% Duty

    S/N >= 60dB
    Earphone >= 0.3Vrms @ 1KHz

Temperature & Humidity:
    Operating: 5C to 45C ; RH: 15% to 80% , Non-Condensing
    Non-Operating: -20C to 60C ; RH: 15% to 90% , Non-Condensing

Dimension :
    WxHxD: 145.8 x 41.3 x 190.0mm
    Weight: <= 1.0Kg

Power Requirement:
    DC + 5 V (+/- 5%, 100mVpp ripple) 1.0 A (max), 0.5 A (min)
    DC +12 V (+/- 10%, 200mVpp ripple) 1.2 A (max), 0.01 A (min)

Recommanded Media :
    CD-R: Taiyoyuden, TDK, Mitsumi Chemical, Mitsubishi Chemical, Ricoh, Maxell, Fuji, Pioneer Video, Kodak,
    Princo, Ritek, CMC, Leaddata
    CD-RW: Mitsubishi Chemical, Ricoh, Ritek, Princo, CMC


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